How the gnar began...

Gnarly Dood started when Scotty and Brooke Peck were growing up adventuring the mountains of Utah. They often found themselves exploring rivers, waterfalls, canyons, arches, and mountain summits. Moab, Utah was only a few hours away and soon became their favorite destiantion.They found every opportunity to get away and explore. When visiting gear stores and souvenier shops they were always dissapointed in the selection they saw. Shirts would be low quality, gear would be bland. They wanted something that would stand out, something awesome, comfortable, unique... something GNARLY.

When the dream became a reality...

After highschool, Brooke became a river guide in Moab and Scotty had the opportunity to serve a 2 year mission in the Philippines. Shortly after they were reunited, Scotty decided it was time to make their dream come true. Gnarly Dood lauched on April 13th, 2020. They strarted with 3 Moab inspired shirt designs straight from Brooke's sketch book.

Gnarly Dood today...

Gnarly Dood now carries an assortment of products including: hangboards, chalk bags, Gnarler trailer rentals, shirts, and more. Gnarly Dood is now present in rock climbing gyms and gear stores nationwide. They are constantly working to develop new products that live up to the name... Gnarly! Scotty runs all the business parts of the company (Marketing, customer service, sales, etc..) and Brooke continues to develop most of the art. The amazing thing is, they have done all of this while pursuing college degrees, working other jobs, and growing their families. Any time they can get away, you will find them on the slopes snowboarding, at the crag climbing, on the downhill mountain biking, floating through white water kayaking, or traveling the World.

Gnarly Dood River Rafting
Gnarly Dood Rock Climbing

This is what it's all about

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